If you find out that you are pregnant, suddenly, your whole world changes. Many women find themselves confused, scared, excited, nervous, apprehensive, happy or one of many other emotions. Pregnancy is always a huge adjustment to life, regardless of your age, marital status or income level.

Know Your Options

As with any major decision in life, it is always important to know the facts before you make any decisions. Every pregnant woman has the same three options parenting, adoption and abortion. Each option has its own set of positive and negative aspects, which one of our trained peer-counselors would be happy to discuss with you. You wouldn't buy a car without knowing the details, know your options before you decide.

Free Pregnancy Test

Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy Centre offers free pregnancy tests and options counseling, where a peer counselor can sit down with you and discuss the options available to you, along with the possible pros and cons to each option. Our peer counselors offer non-judgmental and confidential support during and after pregnancy, no matter which option you choose.


Our support does not end when your pregnancy does. We are here for you afterwards, no matter which option you choose! Examples of post-pregnancy support include: practical help, parenting classes, post-abortion counseling, and much more!